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Claydon Cycling Club Logo
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Want to know more about our rides? Here's a break down of how it all works.

We’re up early on Sunday mornings – 09:00 at Molly’s Community Café, Steeple Claydon. We also make the most of the longer summer evenings and ride Wednesday evenings from the same location at 18:30. And... there’s plenty of on-street parking if you need a little lie-in or are running late from work.

In the winter, when it's too dark to ride in the evening, we do virtual rides. The social aspect isn't lost as we have our own online voice chat system so we can keep in touch and communicate with each other as we e-cycle. Indoor training, as it's known, is a great way to keep up fitness and train over the winter. Many of our riders have stepped up a category over the winter months and learnt new skills to help with their summer rides.

We offer 3 speed groups for road riding and also a gravel discipline, catering for all speeds and experience:

Category A

Not for the fainted hearted, this team is fast and furious! Requirements: a high fitness level, extensive experience on the roads and ready for some competition. Average ride length: 50-60 miles @ 17+ mph

Category B

For those who want a challenging pace, this group is swift and speedy! Requirements: a high fitness level, good experience on the roads and ready for a challenge. Average ride length: 40-50 miles @ 15+ mph

Category C

For those who want a more comfortable pace, this group is chilled and cheery! Requirements: a good fitness level, some experience on the roads and ready for a coffee stop.Average ride length: 30-40 miles @ 13+ mph


If you like more off-road action then our gravel rides are a perfect way to check out the tracks around the Claydons. We host rides from the tame to the extreme level. We like to have a stop in the middle for refueling. We even have some of our rides at night but bright lights are required.

Regardless of category, we stand by our no-drop policy where no rider is left behind and the group always stays together. Please note that we do require our riders to be able to cover approximately 30 miles at a minimum pace of around 13 mph. Our Academy program is a great way for would-be riders to easily achieve that capability.

What you need to ride with us:

Road or gravel bike
A helmet
Water bottle
Inner tubes
Coffee and cake funds