Claydon Cycling Club Logo
Claydon Cycling Club Logo
Cyclists starting a sportive. They are cycling under an inflatable arch.

Join us for the adventure!

Discover scenic routes and meet fellow cyclists in The Claydons. It's free to join and get out cycling with us.

We're a local cycling club based in The Claydons. Our club is passionate about promoting cycling as a sport and a recreational activity for people of all ages and skill levels. With a dedicated team of experienced cyclists, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive community where members can improve their cycling skills, participate in organised rides, and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Buckinghamshire and beyond. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, Claydon Cycling Club offers a range of activities and events to cater to your interests and goals. Join us today and become part of our thriving community.

What we do

A group of cyclists riding down a straight road, two abreast

Group Rides

Join our weekly group rides and explore the stunning countryside around us. Our core policy is that we leave no one behind. We ride together and help each other out, whilst enjoying the exploration of new cafe stops.

A male and female cycling holding a plaque together


Improve your cycling skills with our training sessions, suitable for all levels. Our British Cycling accredited ride leaders and coaches can help you reach your goals. Whether it is riding to work or competitive cycling.

A close up of a front chainring on a mountain bike with a mechanic's hands on it

Bike workshops

Learn essential maintenance skills, from puncture repairs to gear adjustments, in our friendly workshops. In partnership with local bike shops, we teach the public how to fix simple issues and task like tube replacement or brake checks.

A group of children wering cycle helmets standing for a photo

Youth coaching

Are your kids keen cyclists but want to learn more? We offer youth coaching sessions weekly through our qualified British Cycling coaches. Off-road, pump track, and XC (Cross-country) lessons are provided.

A woman riding a red holding bicycle down a ramp to a subway

Active travel

We campaign for improved active travel infrastructure and amenities. We work with parish, city and county councils. We advise on the best way to promote wheel and walk initiatives.

A group of children listening to a Scout leader

School and club visits

We want to encourage everyone that they can cycle if they want to. We visit schools, youth clubs and Scout groups to show them how amazing cycling is and to help them achieve their educational targets.

A group of four female and one male cyclists in a race on an asphalt road

Competitive cycling

For those that want to take their cycling game to the next level, we have a team of men and women who take part in competitions organised by British Cycling and their affiliated clubs. We also volunteer for these events, so you'll see us on the side lines too!

Taken from the perspective of the cyclist, a view over the handlebars

Multiple disciplines

We don't just ride on the road. We also have gravel and mountain bike riders who enjoy the trails and downhills locally as well as organising rides further afield. We also take part in gravel sportives and races.

A group of seven computer animated cyclists riding through central London

Virtual riding

You can't always have the right weather for cycling outside, so when it's cold, wet or dark outside (or all of them), we ride indoors. With our voice chat servers we can stay in communication whilst we race together or tackle some of the greatest climbs in the World, and beyond!